Some site changes

Today I felt the site needed a bit more structure, so I've done the following to it:

  • Moved contact information to its own page instead of having it in the site template
  • Trimmed down the landing page a bit
  • Added a link to the file archive in the navbar
  • Added descriptions to some files in the file archive via AddDescription in mod_autoindex

Adding descriptions involved some grief since Apache may apply a rule multiple times, and there is no way to say "only apply this rules once at this level please". So files like would get the description for the bg2 folder, which looked very wrong. The simple solution was to add a rule like:

AddDescription " " *.*

This suppresses descriptions for all files with extensions unless I have added a description for them explicitly.

I also set the contents of the navbar manually by putting the following in


Future things to do on the site include adding HTTPS support and adding a demoscene category documenting all my productions ála