Rave II

Screenshot of Rave II

Prod pages: [pouet.net] [demozoo.org]
Date: 2014-04-19
Party: Revision 2014
Compo: Wild demo
Platform: mIRC
Rank: 4th
Group: DSS

This has an evolution of the 3D renderer I did in The Ride Never Ends, with the main innovation of faking semi-trasparency via dithering. I may have done some other things in it as well, I don't quite recall.


Rave II

A mIRC demo by Digital Sounds System


sorry, we were in a fucking rush
serves me for trying to make a demo
in 2 weeks every time.



1) get mIRC 3.65: http://www.mirc.com/get.php?version=635
        (and run it)

2) type: /load -rs path\to\rave2\demo.mrc
        (be sure to allow it to initialize)

3) Run the demo with: /rave2
        (it'll always open in full screen)

4) Move the mouse cursor outta the way, sit back, and enjoy!


In case something fucks up, the first thing you can try
is to unload all scripts:

//var %x $script(0) | while (%x > 0) { unload -rs $qt($script(%x)) | dec %x }

and then re-try from step 2 of the instructions.

In case there is no sound, you may have sounds disabled. To fix this:

1) press alt+o
2) go to the "Sounds" tab
3) check the "Enable sounds" box