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Since this page contains cryptographic fingerprints it is best viewed over HTTPS. OMEMO fingerprints for the XMPP accounts are at the end of the page.

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IRC I'm thardin on, and tms on I am no longer on Freenode.

OpenPGP fingerprint: A79D 4E3D F38F 763F 91F5 8B33 A01E 8AE0 41BB 2551

OMEMO fingerprints

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Laptop FC502464 741F0AB1 FF892990 D6D703C4
446E5C72 272BAA6B B66854D0 5CBEED32
Phone E600DD2E 23D9004A A5183927 AEAC0BE0
0063B806 BCB317BA CDD3E7E2 8948662D

Retired keys:

Old phone 10200D24 A1E11842 9F834D53 27B6B71E
E2E9248A 7058ADE5 EFF144A9 5CAF697F


These are also contained in the OpenPGP signed version. This is an older account, which I may move away from now that I have my own domain.

Laptop 268B0C9A 2F0CCCD1 225DBDAB DB0DBF10
8216F3C6 C60E66C8 3ED2241C D80DF330
Desktop 9635D77D A01C6DEC 4C4567DE C8F55CB6
F4644F1D 315481C0 62477D1E A2090725
Phone D19473CB 58206AF9 CDBBD4C5 5836559C
80611F6E 39C05ADA 6250301E B8967E2D

Retired keys:

Old phone 2578D25C BE857B60 1B8B129A C9ECA79B
61E35A73 A6099030 A11CC662 2020385E