Date Title Main tag
2022-02-04 Towards large scale linear planning cybernetics
2022-01-21 On vertical integration cybernetics
2022-01-12 BOINC and a Raspberry Pi CPU usage LED electronics
2021-12-27 Equations are now MathML web
2021-12-08 Mixed integer planning cybernetics
2021-12-05 Kildemoes City Shopping teardown reverse engineering
2021-11-17 Prices and information part 2 cybernetics
2021-11-14 Prices and information cybernetics
2021-10-20 Site updates web
2021-07-12 Room cooler electronics
2021-06-29 A critique of Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth cybernetics
2021-06-25 Domain redirects relaxed web
2021-05-28 Liquid metal cell chemistry
2021-05-18 Simplified website design web
2021-05-01 Verifiable sortition cybernetics
2021-04-24 ZVS induction heater electronics
2021-04-15 Building the cybernetic commune cybernetics
2021-03-14 Certbot, hidden service fixed web
2021-03-13 The five second plan cybernetics
2021-03-04 Reducing emissions and saving lives cybernetics
2021-02-24 Planning complexity for model economies cybernetics
2021-02-08 Some example economic linear programs cybernetics
2021-02-04 Cybernetics, politics and sparse linear algebra cybernetics
2020-08-30 Marshall Stockwell teardown reverse engineering
2020-03-22 leftpad() proved in Frama-C frama-c

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